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2nd March 2021

HMCPSI has published an inspection report entitled; Complex Casework Units: How Effective and Efficient are Complex Casework Units in Identifying and Managing their Casework?

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1st March 2021

The Home Office has published a report entitled; Review of the Controlling or Coercive Behaviour Offence.

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27th February 2021

The Chair of the APCC has responded to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout second phase announcement.

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26th February 2021

HMICFRS has published a report entitled; Disproportionate Use of Police Powers: A Spotlight on Stop and Search and the Use of Force.

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25th February 2021

Justice has published a report entitled; Tackling Racial Injustice: Children and the Youth Justice System.

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24th February 2021

The CCE has published a report entitled; Operating with Impunity: Hateful Extremism: The Need for a Legal Framework.

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