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7th April 2020

The Senior National Coordinator for Protective Security has launched an updated version of the ACT Awareness e-Learning course.

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6th April 2020

The Home Office has published guidance entitled; Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for victims of modern slavery.

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5th April 2020

PolicingInsight (Online) has published an article entitled; Policing in this pandemic: What are the main issues and concerns?

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4th April 2020

INTERPOL has issued a warning to organizations that cybercriminals are targeting critical healthcare institutions with ransomware.

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3rd April 2020

The NPCC and the NCA have urged children, parents and carers to ensure they know how to stay safe online.

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2nd April 2020

The Home Office has published a report entitled; National Referral Mechanism Statistics UK, End of Year Summary, 2019.

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1st April 2020

The Victims’ Commissioner has published a report entitled; Sowing the Seeds: Children’s Experience of Domestic Abuse and Criminality.

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