The Salus Fellowship (TSF)
The Salus Fellowship (TSF)

Our Services

We provide services covering a diverse range of management problems. These services are rooted in our experience over many years of working with companies of all organisational types and sizes in the private and public sectors. You can get a better understanding of our services here.

Salus Research

Our research services provide you with management information through independent research, surveying, assessment and evaluation.


Salus Research

Salus Intelligence

Our intelligence services assist you with the management of intelligence from a variety of sources and how to utilise intelligence techniques to develop your organisational practices.


Salus Intelligence

Salus Security

Our security services assist you in making the right decisions on all aspects of safety and security management, including preventative measures.


Salus Security

Salus Knowledge

Our knowledge services assist you in managing your organisational knowledge and learning and development, and creating communities of practice as a means of social learning.


Salus Knowledge

Salus Solutions

Our solutions services are based on our pragmatic 'can do' approach to problem solving and assist you in increasing public confidence and satisfaction in your organisation, whilst providing support through partnership and fellowship.


Salus Solutions

Our other consultancy services include:

  • Plural Policing
  • Project Management

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What's New

17th January 2020

The Home Office has published a DPIA for the National ANPR Service.

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16th January 2020

The MoJ has published the Knife and Offensive Weapon Sentencing Statistics for England and Wales - Year ending September 2019.

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15th January 2020

The SC has published a report entitled; Investigating the Association Between an Offender’s Sex and Ethnicity and the Sentence Imposed at the Crown Court for Drug Offences.

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14th January 2020

The CoP has published a Code of Practice on Armed Policing and Police Use of Less Lethal Weapons.

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13th January 2020

The NCVO has published a research report entitled; Time Well Spent: Volunteering in the Public Sector.

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12th January 2020

The Policy Exchange has published a report entitled: Justice that Protects.

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11th January 2020

The OSCE ODIHR has repeated its call for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

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