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Building a Safer Society Together

Research, Intelligence, Security, Knowledge and Solutions (RISKS)

The Salus Fellowship (TSF) is a research company that aims to provide independent, professional and specialist management consultancy on all aspects of Research, Intelligence, Security, Knowledge and Solutions (RISKS).


We will assist and support your organisation with all your policies, procedures and structures to manage your safety, your security and that of your customers. This can be achieved through short, medium and long term projects, utilising our experience and expertise, and investigative research and intelligence techniques.


We also aim to provide a centre of excellence or fellowship where evidence-based solutions can be developed through independent research and the knowledge of 'what works' shared.

What Makes Us Different


We undertake independent research to ensure that we provide you with the most up-to-date solutions to satisfy your needs and priorities.


We provide bespoke innovative solutions for all your safety needs, including health and safety, personal safety, community safety, crime prevention, physical security and problem solving.


We utilise the best possible intelligence available to meet your future needs and to build trust and confidence in your organisation, including community intelligence, business intelligence, emotional intelligence and social intelligence.


We offer comprehensive and personalised support and services to your organisation no matter what challenges you may face.


Find out more about the vision and values that guide our work and the founding partners of The Salus Fellowship.

Salus (Safety)

'The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk or injury'



'A group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim'


Oxford Dictionaries Online

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What's New

23rd November 2020

The Justice Minister has announced that new technology which spares vulnerable victims and witnesses the trauma of attending court is now available in every Crown Court across England and Wales.

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22nd November 2020

The CoP has published an article entitled; Keeping you connected to career development and learning 24/7.

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21st November 2020

The CoP has published an article entitled; How we help you to pursue a specialist role in policing.

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20th November 2020

The Justice Committee has published a report entitled;'Sentencing Council: Changes to the Drugs Offences Definitive Guideline, (Thirteenth Report of Session 2019-21).

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19th November 2020

The NCA has published a report entitled;'UK Financial Intelligence Unit: Suspicious Activity Reports Annual Report 2020.

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18th November 2020

The Police Foundation has published a report entitled; Victimisation and Fear of Crime in the Gig Economy.

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17th November 2020

The CJA has published a report entitled; A Journey of Learning, Growth and Change: A Roadmap for Increasing Restorative Justice Across England and Wales.

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"Building a Safer

Society Together"

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